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Custom Mild Antiseptic wet wipes
Price: 105,00 $
Antiseptic wipe with your logo.
High quality digital print of any theme in its packaging.

Individually packaged wet wipes, as an advertising medium, display effectively any business.

The wipes are individually packed and available in the amount of 1000 pieces per box. Their packed size is 16x5cm and their towel is Nonwoven / 60gsm.
They are suitable for hands antisepsis and hygiene.
The high content in alcohol (70%) guarantees effective microbiological action as antiseptic and fungicide. Wipes are suitable and safe for all skin types. Aloe extracts hydrate the skin. Suitable for use on hard surfaces also.

Minimum order 3 cartons, 1000 pieces each.
Sacket Dimensions: 16 X 5 cm
Napkin Size: 20 X 20 cm
Napkin Type: Nonwoven Fabric 60 gsm
Sacket Printing: Fully Customized Digital full color Printing
Packaging: Carton with 1000 wipes
For wholesales and large orders, please contact us.
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